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TANK / Hopper / Silo WEIGHING is generally accepted to offer the highest accuracy and repeatability when measuring the contents of Tanks, Hoppers & Silos.


WTC's Dual Link Mounting Assemblies have simplified Tank Weighing Systems but there are many varying factors to consider such as size / type of vessel, support structures, pipe connections, movement during filling, environmental aspects, etc.


Various types of Indicators / Digitizers / PLC Modules can be used for determining the Weight Of the Vessel.


WTC provides the essential specialist advice and products to ensure success.

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Vertical Mounting


One has the option of mounting with three load cell of four load cell option. In the case of three load cells the mountings are fixed at 120 degrees and the hopper should be circular.

Horizontal Mounting


One has to mount the hopper with four load cell. In the case a horizontal agitator being present , one will have to use the Dual Link Mounting assemblies to reduce the vibrations.

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